Our Kollelim

Morning Kollel

  • Sun – Fri. 7:00am – 8:00am, followed by Shachris and breakfast.
  • Sunday: occasionally there is a Shiur during breakfast.
  • Starting Maseches Sukkah

As the sun rises, this kollel sings through the windows of the upstairs Bais Medrash. Everyone is welcome, beginner and strong learners, yungerleit and doctors. This program is perfect for Bal Habatim who want to be able to learn and get a nice breakfast before going to work. Our Rosh Kollel, Rabbi Nachum Scheiner will even pair you up with a chavrusa depending on your personality and learning level. There are currently 20 men in the program.

Day Kollel

  • Mon. – Fri. Learning 10am-1:30pm
  • Mon. – Fri. English & Computer Studies 3pm-6pm

Headed by Rabbi Yitzchok Silber, this Kollel is about success: success in learning and success in the workforce. Chassidesh Yungerleit and Bal Habatim from Bobov, Square, Stamar, Buston, Tush, Ehrloy, Alxander, Vishnitz, Chabad, Slonim, & Belz all come here to be part of a Shteiging Kollel. In the afternoon, these men are trained in office skills like Computers, Quickbooks, and more. The goal is to turn the Yungerleit into learning Bal Habatim.

Night Kollel

  • Sun – Thurs, 8:15pm – 9:45pm, followed by Maariv
  • Starting Hilchos Ma’achalei Akum

Reinvigorate your Neshumah after a long day of work with this warm, Geshmak Kollel headed by our Rosh Kollel, Rabbi Nachum Scheiner. The whole group: experienced and beginner learners, young men and lawyers, learn the same Sugyas at the same pace. There is a constant stream of professional speakers who stop by to make these Sugyas tangible. Just recently, Mr. Herzog from the OU stopped by to discuss the intricacies of Pass Akum and Bishul Akum. There are currently 15 men in the program.