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Shiurim Schedule

Ohr Chaim Learning Center has a full schedule of daily shiurim that could fit just about anyone’s daily routine (early morning, afternoon, or evenings).


Our Kollelim

Ohr Chaim Learning Center offers three types of kollelim (Morning Kollel, Day Kollel, and Night Kollel). Each kollel is unique with a diverse group of participants.

Shacharis Minyanim

Vasikin       20 Forshay, upstairs  
(Brochos 30 min before, Hodu 20 min before Neitz)

6:15am       18 Forshay, main floor Mon-Fri

7:00            18 main floor

7:30            18 Tent

8:00            18 main floor

8:30            18 upstairs

9:00            18 main floor

9:30            18 upstairs

10:00          18 main floor

10:30          18 upstairs Sundays, Legal Holidays & Bein Hazmanim
Last updated: Jan 2017

Mincha Minyanim

1:30pm                      18 main floor

12 min before plag  18 main floor Followed by Maariv

12 min before shkia 18 main floor Followed by Maariv

20 min after shkia   18 main floor Followed by Maariv

50 min after shkia   18 main floor Followed by Maariv

Maariv Minyanim

At Plag          18 main floor   Repeat krias shma after nightfall

At shkia        18 main floor  Repeat krias shma after nightfall

60 min after shkia  18 main floor

7:00pm        18 main floor   During Winter

8:00              18 main floor   During Winter

9:00              18 upstairs

9:45               18 main floor

10:30             18 main floor

11:00              18 main floor

12:45am         18 main floor